Hand that Rocks the Cradle: Good Books to Read Aloud to Children

Hand that Rocks the Cradle is a comprehensive list of over 400 outstanding classic books, some well known, others less, but all excellent choices for entertaining, inspiring and stimulating young hearts and minds. This handy booklet will help you choose exceptional literature for your family read-alouds as well as your children’s individual reading time. Little Lord Fauntleroy, The Door in the Wall, Old Yeller, and Men of Iron are but a small sample of books the Bluedorn family has read together and recommends to others. Sorted into three reading levels (easy, difficult, and advanced), the reading suggestions are categorized according to author as well as subject. (Mr. Bluedorn does point out however: level of difficulty was never an issue during his homeschool years-his mother had read aloud some of the more difficult classics when he was young, and vice-versa.)

Wonderful things happen when you read aloud to your children. Time seems to stop as you are all transported to far-away lands, while echoes of past heroes, real and imaginary, bring smiles and tears, excitement and adventure. Just like Mr. Bluedorn, these will be memories your children will hold dear to their hearts when in the not so distant future, you find they are grown and on their own.

One of the aspirations of Homeschoolbuzz.com is to help you pick quality books for your precious children. By bringing you book reviews, and recommendations from others we hope we can help you find the few good books amidst a glut of marginally good or morally questionable reads. I consider this a very thorough and well-researched reading list; it will serve you well for many years to come.

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