Homeschooling Methods: Seasoned Advice on Learning Styles

Homeschooling Methods provides an overview of the most popular teaching techniques parents use to educate their children at home. The next step after you decide to homeschool, is to decide how you’re going to do it. Classical? Charlotte Mason? Unit study? Eclectic? What are all these styles like, and which one will fit you and the way your child learns best? Reliable professionals and veteran homeschool supporters and educators like Sally Clarkson, Ruth Beechick, Ray and Dorothy Moore, Diana Waring (any many more great people!) are some of the contributing authors who offer their expert advice, and answer these questions in Homeschooling Methods.

A book like this is great for those folks still mapping out the unfamiliar terrain of home-education. It will also be helpful to those who might have a struggling student, and need to re-evaluate their current teaching modes. I really enjoyed reading Homeschooling Methods, and the chapter by Maggie S. Hogan on eclectic homeschooling was especially precious to me – I gathered so much information from that one small piece.

Once you find your “groove” and figure out which approach you connect with, you can then dive deeper into other sources to learn more on that method. It’s always a treat for me to review books that remind me on the fundamentals of home-education. I’ve been educating my kids at home for many years now, and I still have much more to learn.

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