Homeschooling: Take A Deep Breath – You Can Do This!

“Homeschooling, Take a Deep Breath…” is a homeschool resource book full of information, advice, and pearls of wisdom from a veteran homeschooling mom. There’s not a better person to write a book like this than one who has “been there, done that” and can assure those just getting started they can do it too! I remember very vividly what it was like for me 6 years ago when we started to homeschool…I felt overwhelmed and would have loved to have this book in my hands to help me out.

Everything you need to know from organizational skills to lesson plans is packed in a generous 312 pages. There is plenty of great reading here, and the book will not only make a perfect gift for “newbies” just starting out, but it also has all the nuts and bolts to help us oldies but goodies stay the course.

The author has included plenty of additional book lists and websites to help the reader on their homeschooling journey.

A great resource book well done.

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