Learning for Life: Educational Words of Wisdom

“You have to study a great deal to learn a little.” Charles Montesquieu once said, but all one needs to do is to read but a little of Learning for Life… to learn a lot.

With nearly 3000 quotations by more than 1000 people at your fingertips this book is a wealth of wisdom.

Veteran homeschooling mom and writer Teri Olsen has packed her years of research into this handy, enlightening, and valuable book.

Beginning with a selection of bible verses, Learning for Life is neatly organized into topical sections for easy reference. The pool of philosophers, writers, religious leaders, educators and other historical figures Teri has sampled is nothing less than impressive.

Read what Einstein has to say about imagination, or what Ambrose Bierce thinks of Education. Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill, Charlotte Mason-all the great men and women of our history are there with their nuggets of truth and enduring wisdom for the ages.

You’ll also find brief biographical notes on the originator of each quotation so you can familiarize yourself with the individual’s background or place in history, and learn if the author was self- or home-educated.

This book is perfect for students, writers, pastors, or anyone who is looking for that perfect quote but doesn’t have the time or energy to find it, and will certainly make a fine addition to your home library.

I had a blast reading it and Teri’s book has inspired me to start using quotes in my own writing. Like a garnish on a well-prepared dish, the perfect quote can make all the difference.

Wear the old coat and buy the new book. Austin Phelps

Learn more about Teri at her website.

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