Manhunt: The 12-day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer

It’s easy to see why this book made the bestseller list. It’s fantastic.

I took a bunny trail from reviewing children’s books this week to read Manhunt, and what a thrilling week it was. Mr. Swanson has written a riveting and haunting account of the hunt for Lincoln’s assassin. He writes as though he were a reliable witness to the historic event, putting the reader into the thick of the action. It really was a difficult book to put down!

The descriptions were stirring and the subject matter so fascinating, I often re-read passages, just for sheer enjoyment. Starting with the morning of the assassination through the trial and execution of the Booth conspirators, the author tells this story with impeccable detail. For those who are “squeamish” be warned there are graphic particulars of the violent acts. You already know rote facts of this part of our nation’s history, but I’m convinced when you read Manhunt, you’ll not only learn something new, you’ll see history come alive before your very eyes.

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