Never Trust a Dead Man

This award-winning book (Edgar award) uses offbeat humor that includes corpses and witches, taking readers to spine-chilling depths to solve this dark mystery. 17-year-old Selwyn Roweson is falsely accused of murder, and for punishment, he is entombed with the victim. He bargains several years of servitude to a witch to temporarily resurrect the murdered man (Farold). Farold, returns to life in the form of a bat, and assists Selwyn in finding his true killer.

The story was surprisingly entertaining, and definitely comical, but was not exactly what I would call a wholesome read. I shuddered at some offensive language used in the dialogue, and unless the reader enjoys shows such as CSI, he may be creeped out by the crypt scene at the story’s start. The plot is also full of scandals, and the majority of characters were the self-centered, backstabbing type (which was ironically the cause of Farold’s death). No doubt Ms. Vande Velde is a good storyteller; but she sure has a weird sense of humor. As always, I encourage you to use your judgement with this type of book.

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