Peter and The Starcatchers

If you are looking for a fun, fast paced, unbelievable adventure filled with cutthroat pirates, monster crocs, mermaids, and neglected orphan boys, then you are sure to enjoy Peter and The Starcatchers. Despite its intimidating size (seventy nine chapters and 451 pages), this prequel to Peter Pan was a breeze to read. The book plays out like a slapstick comedy laced with enough shenanigans and pirate antics to keep you amused (or annoyed) for hours. There were a few parts of the book I literally rolled my eyes and complained to whoever was in the room (usually Gary), “C’mon guys you really expect me to believe that…I mean even for a fantasy book that’s a bit far fetched.” The story didn’t blow me away; but I was entertained nonetheless. If you are someone who always wondered how Peter Pan became an eternal, flying boy from Neverland, and are willing to stretch your imagination beyond reality, then check out Peter and The Starcatchers.

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