Redwall (Book Series)

Has your family discovered the Redwall books yet?

These epic novels have kept our boys busy for over a year.

Our introduction to Redwall came when our local PBS station featured the animated series of the same name. The broadcast only last a few short months, and although the guys were extremely disappointed, they were ecstatic to find the books. We are also enjoying the companion audio books, featuring a full supporting cast and narration by Jacques himself.

Set in Medieval England, and centered around the Redwall Abbey, peaceful moles, mice, and squirrels encounter all sorts of adventures as well as the evil side of the animal world. There are battles, sea journeys, riddles, celebrations, and feasts. War is necessary to protect themselves and the abbey, so expect fighting and casualties in nearly every one of the stories. The books aren’t exactly light reading, with each novel about 400+pages. Each book in the series is adventurous, suspenseful and captivating, and well worth the investment of time. Jacques delivers with outstanding narration and story telling, with just the right amount of humor. Plots are never boring, with ever changing twists and turns. The characters are strong and bold-even their names are exciting-Martin the Warrior, Matthias, Triss, Baby Rollo, and Mariel are some of our favorites.

The book series debuted in 1986 and Jacques keeps them coming, nearly every year a new edition to the Redwall library hits the bookshelves and into the hands of the fans screaming more, we want more! With the addition of High Rhulain in 2005, the number of books in the Redwall library stands at a whopping 18.

To learn more about Jacques or the Redwall books check out the link below.

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