Rowan of Rin

This tale of quest and danger will no doubt entertain children and please parents with its daring mission, mysterious riddles, and conceivable characters.

The village of Rin’s very existence has been threatened by a sudden disruption in the water supply. The problem lies at the top of Rin’s dreaded mountain, where a terrifying dragon is believed to reside. Young Rowan is the only one who can read the magical map that reveals the way to the top. Being a timid, quiet boy who serves the village as a lowly “buksha” keeper, he must face his greatest fears in order to restore the water supply and save the village.

Rowan is a believable character-a boy who is scared, awkward, and modest. He faces his fears despite his weakness, and toils through adversity to come out a humble, and likable hero. You can feel comfortable giving this book to your younger readers, knowing they will be reading a fine story with no unwanted surprises. This series will appeal most to 7-9 year olds; older kids will still enjoy the stories, but may find the sequels too predictable. Overall, Rowan of Rin is a winner!

Several books in the Rowan series are listed below.

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