10-year-old Michael is dealing with difficult times – a move to a run-down house where the previous owner died, and a newborn baby sister with serious health problems. It’s no wonder he’s on the verge of emotional breakdown. When he finds a mysterious “man-bird-angel” being in his garage, he wonders if he can trust his eyes, or if it’s the stress making him imagine things that aren’t there. He confides in his new friend Mina, who sees the creature too. Together they rescue it, and in the process Michael finds emotional healing.

Mina, a libertarian homeschool student, believes in evolution and sees the creature Skellig as the proof. Besides the evolution agenda and the author’s stereotype of homeschoolers, there is some swearing and name-calling in the book (ie: Michael likes to call his father fatso). The writing is in nice prose, and the story is interesting; but, I would suggest readers be of a mature enough age to be discerning with Skellig’s content.

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