Swallows and Amazons

Before the days of video games, cell phones, and the Internet, kids could, and did happily keep themselves amused, for hours on end. Set in the early 20th century, Swallows and Amazons tell of such children and their adventures as they immersed themselves in a world of imaginative play and exploration. This classic series is based on the author’s own childhood holidays spent in Coniston.

The Swallow, a small sailing boat served as the children’s vessel to adventure, and the fine ship carried them through many a sea-faring voyage. Swallows and Amazons is rich with vivid descriptions, wholesome reading, old-fashioned ideals, and the great outdoors.

Readers of all ages who love boats, fishing, or exploring their world, and parents who want to remind their kids how much fun using an imagination can be, shall be pleased indeed. If you really like Swallows and Amazons, you’ll be thrilled to learn there are 11 more books in the series. They are:

Peter Duck (No 2)

Swallowdale (No 3)

Winter Holiday (No 4)

Coot Club (No 5)

Pigeon Post (No 6)

We Didn’t Mean To Go To Sea (No 7)

The Big Six (No 8)

Secret Water (No 9)

Missee Lee (No 10)

The Picts And The Martyrs (No 11)

Great Northern? (No 12)

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