The Case of the Missing Marquess (an Enola Holmes Mystery)

The mother of Sherlock Holmes has vanished, leaving her teenage daughter (Sherlock’s much younger sister) alone and bewildered. When her stuffy older brother Mycroft arranges for Enola to go to boarding school, the smart and sassy Enola runs off to London in search of her mother. While en route she becomes involved in solving the case of the kidnapped Marquess.

The author’s vivid descriptions of 19th century London, Victorian culture, and cameos by Sherlock and Mycroft, provide readers with a stylish and absorbing read. Enola is a charismatic and likeable heroine, but her modern thinking conflicts with the traditional Victorian female roles of her era, putting her into dangerous situations that include some situational ethics (fodder for discussion).

You won’t have to twist arms to read this book, the story is well plotted, mysterious and quite interesting. With her strong intuition and reasoning skills, Enola proves she is in every way a true-blooded Holmes. Any one who likes a good mystery will enjoy The Case of the Missing Marquess.

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