The Doll People

I’ve always suspected my dolls were doing sly things behind my back. Now I know they’ve been having parties, story-time, and adventuresome travels. Oh, the busy lives of dolls!

The Doll People is Toy story meets The Borrowers, and is a sweet read for any girl who loves dolls.

The Doll family has happily lived in the Palmer household for generations. Satisfied by the simple pleasures of doll life and content with the companionship of one another, the family is careful to avoid “permanent doll state” by never allowing their human owners to see them moving. When the Funcraft dolls move in next-door, Annabelle Doll makes fast friends with Tiffany Funcraft, and the two dolls venture out into the house to solve a decades old mystery.

This delightful story has nothing objectionable, and highlights strong family values, forgiveness, courage and determination. The illustrations are fantastic, and add that much more charm to the book.

After reading The Doll People, don’t be surprised next time you find a doll out of place you’re now wondering how she really got there.

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