The Edge Chronicles Book one: Beyond the Deepwoods

My there’s a lot to keep straight in this book.

There are wood trolls, slaughterers, gyle goblins, termagant trogs, hammelhorns, caterbirds, bloodoaks, banderbears, a rotsucker, gloamglozer, and carnivorous little orange balls of fur called wig-wigs.

Twig, the wood troll on a journey to find out who he really is, faces them all because he dared to stray off the path through the Deepwoods. See what happens when you don’t do as your told!

Imaginative, and quirky, anyone who loves fantasy and a world of offbeat and fanciful creatures should enjoy this series. Twig is bombarded every chapter with crisis and turmoil. When he finally makes a friend with a loveable banderbear, the wig wigs attack and devour his new buddy -which is not pleasant at all.

I also came across at least one minor cuss word, and a whole lot of angry, cranky, and bloodthirsty monsters. These whimsical creatures are introduced quickly, one after another, giving the story a fast and frenzied pace. This frantic pattern could turn some readers away, making them feel exhausted instead of entertained; though the many detailed illustrations help the reader along by giving stunning visuals-they alone are worth giving the book a look-over. Similar to Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland in style, the Edge Chronicles is pure fantasy-a flight of the imagination best suited for spare-time reading. There are five more books thus far in the series, but as seems to be the pattern with sequels, the story gets more dark and gnarly for poor Twig.

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