The Great and Terrible Quest

You might remember the story we posted earlier this month about Caroline Leland, the homeschooler who traveled to England to interview author Margaret Lovett about her book, The Great and Terrible Quest. After reading the article, I had to read the book. I had no trouble agreeing with Caroline – it was absolutely wonderful.

The Great and Terrible Quest tells the story of orphan Trad, who despite being gravely mistreated by his grandfather remains an honorable, and compassionate young boy. When Trad finds an amnesic old man wandering the woods, he comes to his aid, and joins him on an unforgettable, great, and terrible quest.

The book is superbly written, and keeps a spirit of hope and perseverance amidst the despairing situations Trad and the knightly stranger face. It has action, mystery, intrigue, riddles, and rich descriptions. This remarkable book is a must read, and readers of all ages who enjoy books such as The Lord of the Rings or the tales of King Arthur will undoubtedly be pleased with The Great and Terrible Quest. Sadly, Ms. Lovett has since passed away, but lets hope Caroline gets her wish, and one day sees this beloved book made into film.

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