The Great Quillow

A terrible giant named Hunder stomps through a storybook village, with outrageous demands that include a daily supply of 3 sheep, a pie made from a thousand apples, and a chocolate as high and wide as a spinning wheel. The town’s leaders (the cobbler, candlestick maker, butcher, baker, lamplighter etc.) resolve to rid themselves of the colossal intruder, but it’s the toymaker Quillow who concocts the outrageous plan to defeat him.

Your young (and older) readers will be thrilled with The Great Quillow. This fun read-aloud is written with a stylish, old-fashioned charm, and the vivacious illustrations will keep eyes glued to the book. The ingenious solutions the humble toymaker uses to defeat the giant will teach kids that inventive thinking pays off. All my boys enjoyed this one.

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