The Littles

They’re resourceful, they’re endearing, and they’re 6 inches tall. The Littles live with the Biggs, but have kept themselves cleverly unseen in the walls of the house, repaying the Biggs family for what “little” they take (leftover food, socks, matches, etc.) by anonymously repairing the plumbing and electricity. Seems like a fair enough arrangement to me – I certainly wouldn’t turn away a Little family from our 1920’s house.

The general idea of the Littles is similar to the Borrowers, but the Littles have characteristics (including tails) that make them pleasingly distinct. This wholesome series has a broad appeal, and I guarantee all ears will perk up when you start reading, as the stories are marvelously entertaining. The Littles are a great introduction to chapter books for your new or reluctant readers, and make wonderful read-alouds. There are a series of Littles for Pre-K-3 and a series of Littles for Grades 2-5 (also below).

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