The Promised Land Diaries: The Diary of Queen Esther’s Attendant

Here’s a nice historical fiction series for your girls that is based on the bible. Written in a diary format, the stories follow an ordinary girls life during ancient biblical times.

This series is based on scripture, with a generous, satisfying amount of “filling in the gaps” with descriptions of customs and lifestyles of the day.

In book one, Peria’s Brightest Star, the attendant of Queen Esther chronicles her life in the palace and her experiences and observations of her surroundings, her job, the king, and most importantly Queen Esther. The author has done a good job making the reader feel as though she is walking through the palace grounds, with outstanding sensory and visual descriptions.

There is some gossiping and storytelling among the servants that include the tale of a rumored “ghost” that wanders the palace halls on pages 12-14 that can easily be skipped over.

Overall, the storyline follows the biblical accounts with the addition of extensive historical background and detail, and a few embellishments for dramatic effect.

The book includes an appendix listing the cast of characters with illustrations, a historical timeline, Persian map, and additional historical facts on Persia and the city of Susa.

An impressive book, and a promising book series (six so far) that will both inspire and educate your girls.

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