The Thinking Toolbox

Logic, fun? Oh yes, when it’s The Bluedorn Brothers teaching it.

Their fantastic, and colorful book The Thinking Toolbox is one of the most inviting, entertaining and useful books on logic I’ve yet to find. Similar to The Fallacy Detective in format, The Thinking Toolbox takes you even further into the exciting world of logic. Building upon introductory logic, it can be used independent of or as a companion to their previous book, The Fallacy Detective.

The book is a toolbox, with thirty-five lessons and exercises acting as “teaching tools” to help in thinking tasks. These invaluable lessons cover things like when is it dumb to argue, the five rules of brainstorming, analyzing opposing viewpoints, and how to list reasons why you believe something. The book is versatile, and would work well in a classroom or homeschool setting. Our family has enjoyed doing the exercises together, and I was presently surprised at how much I personally learned about logic and reasoning. Everything in The Thinking Toolbox is useful, vital knowledge, and necessary for preparing your children for life on their own. Give your children a blessing; use The Thinking Toolbox and teach them how to think.

Education means developing the mind, not stuffing the memory, ~Anonymous

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