There’s a Chef in my Soup

World famous chef Emeril Lagasse’s book “There’s a Chef in my Soup” will grab your kids’ attention with its colorful illustrations and unusual recipe names. Best of all, his hand picked, kid tested recipes will please even your most finicky eaters. The recipes are clearly written and easy to prepare-with varying amounts of adult supervision suggested.

Our family tested many of the recipes including Twist Yourself a Pretzel, Baby Bam Burgers, and Creamy Dreamy Orange Freeze, and although they were all divine, we liked Emeril’s Favorite French Toast the best. No mystery there why it is Emeril’s favorite too-it’s absolutely delicious. I love to cook with my kids, and I was delighted to find this book with more than 75 kid friendly recipes. If you are looking for a new take on some classic favorites if you simply want a resource to help nurture your budding chefs, then this is the book for you.

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