Troll Fell

Troll Fell Is a fine fairy tale of Viking lore, nicely written with a happy ending. Peer Ulffson is recently orphaned and much to his dismay is taken by his wicked, greedy Uncles to slave for them at their mill. His life worsens when he uncovers Uncle Baldur and Grim’s plot to get rich quick by selling children to the Nasty trolls of Troll Fell. Befriended by a neighbor girl and the “Nis” (a house spirit) he bravely confronts his fears, the Trolls and his dastardly relatives in an attempt to foil their evil plans.

It is no surprise the author has a background in storytelling- this debut novel flows with descriptive and satisfying writing, convincing characters, and a strong plot within a creative and imaginative world of Scandinavian mythology. Take note it may be a bit on the dark side though for some children-Peer as well as his dog Loki suffers unbelievable neglect and mistreatment from the uncles. There is also “Granny Green Teeth”, a creature that lives in the millpond that can take the form of an old woman to lure her prey. Peer has a close call with old granny that might creep out your unsuspecting younger readers, so unless you want little ones running into your room in the middle of the night, don’t read Troll Fell as a bedtime story. The house spirit “Nis” is not really scary at all-it’s a temperamental gremlin that serves as the bit of comic relief in the book.

I’m glad to say after all the tribulation Peer endures through he finds happiness in the end, and the unrepentant Uncles get more than they bargained for from their deal with the Trolls. Ms. Langrish’s next book, Troll Mill, is due out in early 2006.

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