Vocabulary Bridges: From English to Latin & Greek

There is value in doing some sort of vocabulary studies in your homeschool.

I’ve had a “laid-back” approach in the past with anything to do with spelling or other similar vocabulary programs, but since we’ve started learning Greek, the whole idea of words and their origins have taken a priority place in our lesson plans. Expanding your vocabulary is fun, rewarding, and challenging. There are many curriculums and games to help you do that, and Vocabulary Bridges is one clear and concise place to start.

The workbook begins with Latin to English, includes a section for review, and then transitions to Greek to English. The lessons are fairly simple-look at the prefix, and then the word root, and then write out the dictionary definition in the space provided. The words are grouped according to same prefix, and then root definition is provided. Students can pretty much figure out what the dictionary definition will be with those 2 pieces of information.

The exercises then get more challenging as the student advances through the workbook. Some of the words on the lists are familiar (ie: advice, apply, subject), while others are less familiar (ablution, obsequious, misogyny). Certainly a foreknowledge of the ancient languages would be helpful, but the book is designed for those with no formal Greek or Latin instruction. There are hundreds of words to define, so if your child looks up 5-10 per week, Vocabulary Bridges will last a very long time.

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