Wolf Brother: Chronicles of Ancient Darkness Book one

Wolf Brother takes readers back to pre-historic times, when people lived in small clans and lived off the provisions of the land. For as long as he can remember, 12 year old Torak has lived with his father in the forest, secluded from all other people, growing in his skill as a hunter. When a demonic bear fatally attacks his father, Torak swears an oath to journey to the “Mountain of the World Spirit” to destroy the beast.

Torak’s mission is a perilous one; the threat of the killer bear and unknown people offer suspense and constant trepidation. The author brings the forest alive, and offers readers a fascinating look at what life might have been like 6,000 years ago. The spiritual beliefs of the ancient people are tied to the structure of the physical world, and mages have real power – such as conjuring a demon to possess the bear.

Wolf brother is a good adventure story, but be aware of some disturbing imagery and violent scenes (killing of animals, death of Torak’s father) and the constant thread of primitive mysticism.

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