Writers INC

Christopher Paolini, former home-schooled student and author of bestselling Novel Eragon, used this book as one resource to help him learn the craft of writing.

Considering his second novel Eldest (release date August 23, 2005), has been neck to neck with “you know who” on Amazon’s best-seller list for months, I figured he’s a reliable source for book recommendations on writing.

No, the book won’t guarantee your high-schooler a 6 figure book deal, but I have no doubt it will help them become a better writer.

Writers INC is a handbook, a reference tool to be used to help students in all areas of writing. This book has everything they’ll need to know about the process and forms of writing. The fundamentals from how to take notes and writing research papers to creative and workplace writing are covered. Expository essays, persuasive essays, journal writing, story writing and even poetry, all perfectly explained.

What they won’t find are any writing assignments or exercises in writing. That you’ll need to give them so they can put this valuable resource to use.

A bonus student almanac is also included in the back with such handy information as a historical time line, the U.S, Constitution and Bill of Rights, full color maps, and even math terms and tables.

Though recommended for high schoolers this book is also ideal for college students of all ages, homeschooling families, and anyone who just wants to be a better writer.

No more shuffling through textbooks or endless Internet searches for what in the world is a subordinate clause, look no further… it’s all right there in Writers INC.

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