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Homeschooled students defecting to online public schools

“Defecting” is the right word. Online schools are not homeschooling. Stop and think about why you homeschool. Keeping your child at home is probably not the main reason. Anyway, there’s no evidence this is a trend.
MANKATO, Minn. – The Larsons started home schooling their daughter Elisabeth two years ago.
It’s a move they don’t regret.
‘We decided we wanted a little bit more say in her education,’ said Greg Larson, her father. ‘We felt in a way that we were somehow getting left out of her education.’
Problem was, she was learning her parents’ lesson plans too fast. By the end of her first year, they wondered if they’d be able to feed her voracious appetite for knowledge. Read more…

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  1. I do not see this as defecting in any way.

    We all need and use outside help from time to time. That is the nature of a homeschool co-op, to which we have always belonged. We continue to maintain control over the curriculum and the environment.

    We have been homeschooling for 7 years and are always seeking new ideas for our two children.

  2. The article isn’t talking about co-ops (where participating parents are teaching or helping in some way). We belong to a co-op too. The linked article is talking about public school online.

  3. this is not getting outside help like you think. you do NOT maintain as much control as you think. you are at the mercy of the person in charge at the moment. one year he might say it is ok to use a curriculum the next he might change his mind. who, then, really has control over your child’s education? in ca, they are finding this out the hard way. they also add all sorts of “testing” as time goes on (more than even the public school kids take) this is nothing but public school at home and last i heard the public schools are not doing well. please do not be fooled by this. it is a way to give your kids a lousy education and get the school districts money for another kid registered in the district.

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