Discovering our Amazing God

Discovering Our Amazing God is a thorough and practical Bible curriculum that will take your teens to the very heart of God’s word, bringing them to a deeper understanding of who God is, and what He is like. His character, His wisdom, His creativity, His faithfulness and more will be explored in nine main Bible lessons. Designed by home-schooling parents with teaching and missionary careers, this exciting curriculum will not only teach your children God’s word, but also introduce them to world missions through un-reached people profiles. The lessons are balanced, current and engaging to the student while the minimal preparation time makes this curriculum teacher-friendly. Material is based on less familiar biblical events, giving it a fresh and challenging edge. Creative writing exercises and your teen’s own personal reflections on the lessons are encouraged with space for journaling in the student workbook. The memory challenges, reviews and tests included within each lesson are very beneficial in helping the student retain and comprehend scripture and Godly principles. This could easily be used as a unit study as you tie in not only writing but also other subjects such as geography, critical thinking and science. Designed for home or classroom use, I can also see it working well in a group setting such as a weekly homeschool co-op. This is impressive, well thought out and meaningful curriculum. If your Jr. high students are ready for serious, relevant Bible study, you’ll want to get Discovering Our Amazing God.Check out the publisher’s website at to find additional bible curriculum and devotional studies.

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