Discovering Who I am In Christ (Book 2 of the Discovery Series)

The first book in this series (Discovering Our Amazing God) taught your teens who God is. This second book explores who they are in God. This exceptional curriculum will help your sons and daughters through the emotional changes and critical adolescent years by providing insight into their own spiritual identities. Nine comprehensive and engaging lessons will show they are precious, new creatures in Christ, who are loved and accepted by their Heavenly Father. These lessons will prove an invaluable resource to you as you disciple your teens towards spiritual maturity.

This curriculum is so versatile! Suggestions are provided to incorporate other subjects such as science, geography, and critical thinking into the lessons. A key element to the curriculum is journaling; mirroring David’s inspired writing of the Psalms, your students will record their own personal reflections and meditations on God. What an encouraging and wonderful keepsake their own writings will make for them in years to come. Additionally, fascinating unreached people pro?les (such as Banjar, Malu, and Balinese people) are included to stir hearts and promote global awareness.

The authors have made your teaching job easy; the lessons are clear and thorough, requiring only a reasonable amount of teacher preparation time. Appealing to all styles of learning, the curriculum uses memory challenges, repetition, reviews, tests, hands-on activities and practical applications to progress from basic facts and rote knowledge to learned and treasured truths. Designed to span over the entire homeschool year, Discovering Who I Am in Christ will likely prove to be your favorite homeschooling time spent together with your teen. Exciting, inviting, and meaningful, Discovering Who I am In Christ is more than an outstanding Bible curriculum at an affordable price, its a worthy investment that will reap eternal benefits.

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