Olive’s Ocean

Budding writer (Martha) receives an entry from a recently deceased classmate’s journal (Olive). Afterwards, she becomes plagued by thoughts of the dead girl. While on summer vacation at her grandmother’s Cape Cod home, Martha comes to terms with her grief. Void of action, this book primarily deals with dreams, emotions, rejection, dysfunctional families, and relationships.

Though an overwhelming number of reviews I’ve read were positive, there were a few out there like me who weren’t captivated by the story. If anything, it did keep me reading to see if it would get better or offer some creative twists (didn’t). The content may be too heavy for the intended audience, and the cast of supporting characters, language, and situations did not exactly offer wholesome reading material. One thing I did enjoy was the author’s talent at setting a scene with beautiful descriptions and crisp analogies. I’ll agree Kevin Henkes is a talented writer; I just didn’t like this particular book.

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