Tapestry of Grace

Tapestry of Grace is a comprehensive unit study curriculum that uses the classical method (read, think, write) to teach children grades K-12 chronological History and Literature with a Christian worldview. This dynamic curriculum consists of 4 one-year plans- each containing 4 units for teaching over one entire school year- Year 1: The History of Redemption, Year 2: Medieval World through the signing of U.S. Constitution, Year 3: the 1800’s, Year 4: The 20th century. Each one-year plan is repeated every 4 years. When the plans are repeated, it is from a totally different angle, as it is taught at the next learning level (lower grammar, upper grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric). TOG covers the Humanities (History, Fine Arts, Writing and Literature), and offers elective guides for studying Geography, Government and some Philosophy. You will need to supply a separate curriculum for Science, Math and Grammar, as well as obtain selected Literature titles from your library.

Tapestry is ideal for the larger family teaching multi-level grades, as it will allow for everyone to be studying the same topics, while you can tailor the lesson to meet all students’ needs. Because this curriculum is extensive, involved, and perhaps even a little intimidating to new users, Tapestry has an outstanding support network available (website, phone, training DVD). This is an extremely impressive, well-developed, all encompassing curriculum.

No doubt Tapestry of Grace will equip you to give your kids a solid, classical education, with the end goal being your children grown to well educated Godly men and woman, confident and passionate in their faith. I’ve barely touched the tip of the iceberg here. Do check out tapestry’s website to learn more. There you can download samples.

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