The Way of the Wilderking

The third installment of “The Wilderking Trilogy” is out! When I saw it a few months ago at the Family Restoration/Homeschooling Today booth in the CHEF Conference at St. Charles, MO, I could not wait but just had to buy it then and there. We have already read the first two books of the series, The Bark of the Bog Owl and The Secret of the Swamp King, and really, really enjoyed them. In this conclusion to the story, Aiden Errollson (whose life is modeled on King David of the Bible) has fled to the Feechiefen Swamp after King Darrow tried to kill him, but when three years pass, Darrow sends his army into the Feechiefen to seek him out, so Aiden leaves the swamp, only to find out that his family and friends have been outlawed by Darrow and are hiding out in the caves of Sinking Caverns. As more and more people flee to the caves to escape Darrow’s madness, Aiden trains them into a mighty army to fight, not against Darrow but against the enemy Pyrthens who are planning another invasion. There is some sadness in the book, but it has a glorious ending. If your children (and you) like fantasy novels that are Biblically based and illustrate godly principles, with a touch of Georgia swamp lore, you will love these books. We did! And we highly recommend them. Language level: 1. EXCELLENT.

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