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Religious groups: Bolt from schools

This movement isn’t going away. (HT: Wayne)
A growing movement led by evangelical Christians is urging parents to take their children out of public schools.
The movement depicts public education as hostile to religious faith and claims to be behind a surge in the number of students being schooled at home.
‘The courts say no creationism, no prayer in public schools,’ said Roger Moran of Winfield, Mo., a businessman and member of the Southern Baptist Convention executive committee. ‘Humanism and evolution can be taught, but everything I believe is disallowed.’ Read more…

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  1. We’re on our eleventh year of hsing, but I have to say that I’m torn between parental responsiblity to educate our children and the consequences of a mass exodus of Christians from the public schools. We ignored the political arena for too many years and are just now making inroads. Will leaving the schools to themselves be any better?

    As my youngest turns 17 this school year, I find myself considering running for the local school board in the hopes of being a voice for sanity. I think we need to somehow stay involved, without putting our children at risk.

  2. I agree with Sandy wholeheartedly! If she wants to run for the local school board, I would support her wholeheartedly as well. Diana Fessler, a homeschooling mother in Ohio, was elected to the State Board of Education before going on to run for state representative (and won!)
    I think that a lot of people misunderstand the whole idea of “Exodus from Public Schools.” Everyone I know encourages and supports mature, Bible-believing adults who look on the public schools as a mission field and want to work as teachers and school administrators, so long as they don’t have to compromise their principles to do it (talk to a lot of ex-teachers who now homeschool if you think that this is easy!)
    However, as Sandy says, our purpose in homeschooling, and in encouraging other Bible believers to take their children out of the failed and ungodly public schools is that we want to avoid “putting our children at risk.” The whole idea of sending immature, impressionable children into a place where homosexuality and other forms of immorality, evolutionary theory, and rank humanistic relativism are endemic to be “salt and light” is repulsive. Even Jesus did not send His (adult) apostles out into the world until He had spent three years training them (and then He gave them the Holy Spirit!)

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