Parents who hold jobs and homeschool

From the Wall Street Journal. I’m not sure what prompted this aticle. None of the statistics cited refer to employment. I do think there is an increase in home-based business, based on my own obsevations.
In the quest for work-life balance, wearing three hats — work, kids and personal life — is enough for most parents.
A fast-growing group of parents is adding a fourth: home schooling. Read more…

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  1. Amen! to the parents who homeschool and work. I am one of those and it is despite what some may think, it is able to be done.

  2. I saw this in the WSJ and posted it on my blog. The article’s emphasis was on working full time and homeschooling , which is pretty tough. I work, but part-time and from a home office, so it is quite manageable. Full time, out-side-the -home is another story. In our homeschool co-op we’ve seen more parents requesting to drop off their children so they can go to work. Since we depend on parent volunteers, we discourage the drop-off and have been surprized at the increase in working parents recently.

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