31 Girl

Before I begin the review allow me a trip back in time to set the stage. At the age of 16 I was under the influence of strong feminist teachers in high school who conditioned me to be on the lookout for material that was repressive to women. One night while reading my Bible I came upon Proverbs 31 and truly believed that what it said was that the ideal Godly woman should spend her life cooking, cleaning, sewing and sacrificing for her husband! I was filled with intense anger and did something so shameful that I still wince at the thought! I took sissors and cut Proverbs 31 from my Bible! And so it is ironic that, 30 years later, I would choose for my first review, a book devoted to encouraging girls to model their lives after Proverbs 31! More ironic still is the fact that I did so with the hope that that this book would inspire my 19 year old twin girls to follow its advice.

My first positive reaction to the book came before I read a single word. It is a very pretty book, 238 glossy pages in pink, soft grey and spring green. The girls in the photos are dressed modestly, are at good healthy weights and are portrayed having honest, clean fun with each other (not a guy in sight !). Thankfully my positive reaction continued beyond the visual. This book was written by a vivacious energetic woman who has pastored youth for fifteen years and it shows. Every page is crammed with interesting personal stories of young women, unique perspectives on the strengths described in Proverbs 31 and creative suggestions for finding your way into womanhood. Sensitive topics such as honor in friendships, anorexia and bulemia and understanding the nature of dating relationships are handled in such a way that young women will not feel “preached to” as much as they will feel challenged to excel beyond todays standards. Deep, important character issues run through the entire book making it a solid and worthy addition to any young womans collection.

My daughters will indeed find a copy of this book under the tree this Christmas. My suggestion would be to package it along with a blank journal ,a pretty notebook and some fancy stationary so that the girl blessed with this book will be able to take advantage of the authors suggestions for activites that will help them become who God intended them to be.

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