Ice Drift

While 2 Inuit brothers are seal fishing, an iceberg rams their ice floe, breaking them off from the shore. In an instant they are stranded, adrift down the Greenland Strait. Armed with provisions from their sledge, their dog, their knowledge, and each other, the boys must battle the elements, animal predators, and isolation in order to survive.

Based on a true story Ice Drift is filled with fascinating facts about the Inuit people and their harsh surrounding. Kids will be flabbergasted to think anyone could endure 5 months afloat an ice floe, completely dependent on his surroundings and skill.

Considering the book’s subject matter, the drama was for the most part contained. Close calls will polar bears and wolves weren’t very scary, and the boys handled the whole ordeal like seasoned veterans. Ice Drift is overall a well-researched story. Be aware it does include several descriptions of killing animals for food, and a brief reference to childbirth (page 163) that could be awkward if a young reader didn’t already know where babies come from.

See also the author’s website.

Why not visit the other end of the globe and continue the survival reading with one of my all time favorite books – Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage. I read it a few years ago, and just had to see the movie afterwards. Both were fantastic.

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