The Reading Remedy

Reading is the single most enabling skill everyone must learn, and if your child is in the midst of this endeavor, you may be interested in learning about The Reading Remedy. Written by a top literary expert, this book is eye opening. Though geared toward children (pre-K through early primary grades) in the general school population, The Reading Remedy will empower any parent desiring to successfully teach their child to read.

Beginning with a brief introduction to the popular methods of reading instruction (whole language and phonics), the author explains the problems and shortcomings to these techniques, and suggests an alternative instruction method called phonics plus five. Her system combines the teaching of physical skills (sequencing and writing) with language skills (phonology, semantics, syntax, and text). She explains it all very thoroughly, so you can immediately put her techniques to use. The latter third of the book provides the basic essentials you’ll need to create this unique reading instruction program at home. But, it may require a good deal of prep-work, depending on how you choose to use her suggestions.

I’ve taught 2 boys to read already, but am up against a brick wall with my 3rd. This book has definitely given me some much-needed insight into what’s lacking in my technique. What a marvelous resource! I’m already seeing a major break-through with my son’s reading abilities as we implement Dr. Blank’s Reading Remedy.

Dr. Blank’s system is also available in a ready-made boxed-kit. Refer to her website for more information.

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