A Series of Unfortunate Events (Books series overview)

A Series of Unfortunate Events chronicles the sad misfortunes of the Baudelaire siblings (Klaus, Violet, and baby Sunny), who become orphaned after their parents perish in a house fire. The ruthless villain Count Olaf, (fourth cousin 3 times removed) greedy for their large inheritance, relentlessly pursues them. Each time the children appear to escape from his clutches, they fall right back into his merciless hands! The author keeps readers engaged with vibrant characters, unusual narrations, and mysterious plots.

My boys enjoyed the suspense, the explanations of clichés and aphorisms, and the novelty of the series. They were completely entertained, and were enthused by the resourcefulness and determination the orphans use to work their way out of many pickles. After finishing one book, they couldn’t wait to get to the next!

But, some people may not share the author’s dry sense of humor, and may find the plots too absurd, or may grow weary of the persistent gloominess. Also, the depraved Count Olaf regularly commits a variety of violent acts, which may scare sensitive readers. All the books contain moral dilemmas, so discussions along the way are important. I think this unique series is truly a matter of taste – you’ll simply need to sample it to find if it’s right for your family.

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Here’s my summary of each book in the series.

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