Citizen of the Galaxy

A man known to be a common street beggar buys a young slave named Thorby at an auction in Jubbul, the capital of the futuristic nine worlds. Thinking he will be an easy master to flee from, Thorby discovers there is more than meets the eye to this beggar known as “Baslim the cripple”. Besides providing Thorby with his first memorable caring environment, Baslim paves the way for Thorby to discover the truth of his ancestral roots.

This sci-fi classic is a multi-dimensional, gritty, technical, and hugely imaginative novel. Besides providing an explosive, character driven story, the author delves into moral topics that include slavery, corporal punishment, espionage, and even business ethics! Intricately woven and detailed, Citizen of the Galaxy is ideal for a hard to please voracious reader.

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