Homesick: My Own Story

The author of over 50 books for children, I wonder if Jean Fritz could have imagined her own life’s story would be is as fascinating as the many historical figures she’s written about. Born in China during a politically tumultuous time, her memoir will fascinate readers as she takes them back to her home on the Yangtze River during the 1927 Chinese revolution.

Blending humor with a naked honesty, the author describes being called a “foreign devil”, and recalls how her sense of American pride conflicted terribly with the Chinese culture, and also her British schooling. She shares memories that include divorce, adoption, the death of a sibling, and the general aches and pains of growing up. All is told with eloquence, and a sassiness that is so typical of a pre-teen girl. It’s a fine story, and an excellent resource for study of early 20th century Chinese culture, history, and American immigration.

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