The Grace of Yielding

Reluctantly I will admit that until I read this book I had never heard of the well known author Derek Prince. So it was that I opened the pages of “The Grace of Yielding” and the words lay before me just as they were, no preconceived expectations to live up to and I liked it that way! I chose this book precisely because my own talents, energy and gifts have often carried me through years of spiritual barrenness and so I eagerly looked forward to finding that grace that comes from learning to yield.

“The Grace of Yielding” is a small book with sentences widely spaced and print large enough to make reading easy. The ideas are laid out in an uncluttered way, as if the author knows they are full on their own, with little need for anecdotes to prove the point. When I saw the layout I assumed this would be a one evening book. I was wrong.

The very first page of chapter one contained a statement that needed to rattle around inside me for a little while. The second page resonated in such a personal way that I felt compelled to sit and think before moving on. By chapter three, where Derek Prince is discussing his insight into the difference between the Spirit of God and the Spirit of Christ, I understood this book to be thick with insight, with pages crammed so full there was no way to see it all the first time through. Far from a “one evening book” it took me a week to even feel ready to comment in a review.

In a world where yieldedness is misinterpreted as weakness, the fresh revelations on familiar scripture passages serve as necessary roadsigns for the modern day follower of Christ. Just as I was challenged to re-think my comfortable understandings, I would anticipate good things for those who choose to use this little book as a personal devotional or as a launching pad for small group discussions.

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