Carnival of Homeschooling #46 Falls in

Sprittibee is hosting the carnival this week. Check out the warm fall colors.
Thanksgiving is only weeks away and the sweater weather here in America has already started. As we watch the pretty leaves change across the countryside and get ready to feast with our families, let’s take some time out to reflect on all the great many blessings we enjoy each day. I decided on this theme for obvious reasons, and the carnival really wrote itself. I just helped it along and stitched it up with some formatting. I want to thank all of you who sent in your submissions. I really was blessed by the encouragement, wisdom, enthusiasm and inspiration you all had to share with the homeschool blogosphere this week! What a great group of bloggers are represented here! Enjoy! Read more…

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  1. My wife and I posted pictures on our website from a trip to Plymouth Massachusetts we took this year. The pictures include Plymouth Rock, Mayflower II, and the Plymouth Plantation. Thought the kids might enjoy them.

    John & Cathy

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