The Lost Years of Merlin (Book one)

A boy named Emyrs along with the woman who claims to be his mother washes ashore the coast of Wales. Plagued with no memory of his past and possessing a great power, he travels on a fantastic journey to discover his path and his true identity.

This grand adventure blends a magical world of enchanted creatures with historic Wales.

As Emyrs travels to the Isle of Fincayra, an “in between place”, his journey is as much spiritual as it is physical. He is pursued by goblins, befriends a dwarf-giant, travels through the Misted Hills, and battles the evil Stangmar. There is little objectionable in the book-you’ll find only scattered violence (bullying, a boy severely burned, and a few fighting scenes), and Emyrs calls himself once an a**. The magical/mythological aspect and the story itself compares far more to The Prydain Chronicles than to Harry Potter. Fans of Alexander’s outstanding series will immediately recognize the similarities. Similar yes, but The Lost Years of Merlin is no copycat – this is a well crafted, skillfully written and imaginative story will please those who have a yen for fantasy.

The Lost years of Merlin series continues with The Seven Songs of Merlin (Book two), The Fires of Merlin (book 3), The Mirror of Merlin (book 4), and The Wings of Merlin (book 5).

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