Understanding the Purpose and Power of Prayer

I have been a Christian as long as I can remember and grew up in a strong evangelical household of faith. Yet never before had I been confronted with the actual purpose of prayer until I read Dr. Munroe’s book. Over the years I had grown disillusioned with the whole concept of the act of prayer. My cousin died of breast cancer, my own marriage ended and my friend died from her injuries despite my prayers of faith. Frankly my prayer life for a number of years had been one spurred on by guilt. I knew I should pray but was not sure what the point of it was! When Dr. Munroe stated early in the book that “Prayer is mankind exercising dominion on the earth by giving God the freedom to intervene in earth’s affairs” I was intrigued. When he echoed my doubts by asking in chapter two “Why should I have to pray when God knows everything, controls everything and predetermines everything?” I knew that this book may very well be a life changer. Granted I was somewhat taken aback by the assertion in the introduction (from Genesis 1:26,27) that “we have the dominion on earth and God must obtain the agreement and cooperation of a person for whatever He desires to do in the earthly realm”. Even after reading the book I still struggle with having to play the role of permission granter for God Almighty! Yet despite this I felt that this book answered many of my questions fully and certainly inspired me to see prayer, not as an option, but as an essential part of my daily living. This book is a thought provoker and an inspiration to those who like me, struggle to make sense of the call to prayer.

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