Wow! This fantastic book will grab you from the “get-Go!” with its eye-catching “holographic” cover of zooming machines. Open it and you’re whisked away on a stunning journey through the wonderful world of water, land and air travel. Every page of this hardcover is generously splattered with colorful images and stunning globe-spanning photographs. Wide angles, pullout pages, cross-sections, close-ups and detailed shots of cruisers, planes, cars, tankers, cycles, and people put readers right into the thick of the action.

The icing on the cake is the educational value- the 240 pages are doubly loaded with interesting facts on the complete history of transportation (timeline included). Innovative and fun, Go! will make a nice gift for any student (especially boys), and is an excellent choice for your book collections. Anyone, whether studying the history of transportation or not, will find this book fascinating. My boys tell me my review would have been perfect with just four words – “This book is awesome”.

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