Stonewall Jackson: The Black Man’s Friend

I knew the name “Stonewall” Jackson, but not until I read this book did I feel like I had a good understanding of who this legendary war hero was. This southern general’s legacy being much more than confederate battlefield tactics and intrepid leadership, but one of Christian faith and devotion to God and his fellowman – particularly the black man.

The book has some fascinating historical highlights, and includes an insert of glossy photographs, an extensive bibliography, and the frequent, thoughtful use of scriptures. Though there is inclusion of Jackson’s military experiences, the focus of the book is his passion for ministry and the establishment of his “Colored Sabbath School”. He was a general, but his heart’s deepest longing was always to be a minister of the gospel. It’s remarkable to learn how he accomplished both. Anyone who questions how a slave owner could be a black man’s friend will be intrigued by the author’s explanations in this inspiring and exhaustive presentation of Stonewall Jackson’s life.

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