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Military Homeschool funding gets axed this summer

Government funding for a home-schooling program that serves about 400 students — most of them in the Pacific region overseas — will end this summer, the Department of Defense Education Activity announced last week.
Harvey Gerry, chief of policy and legislation for DODEA, said in a phone interview Thursday that congressional funding for the Remote Home School Program has run out and the agency has said it can’t continue to fund it. Read more…

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  1. Well, who didn’t see this coming?

    The democrats all but bend over backwards for the teachers unions, and the government funded school systems. As a marine corps wife, I’m glad that I didn’t accept any help from IDEA. I always thought it was a bad “idea” to begin with.

    After Rumsfeld handed over the DODea program in the states to the public school system, I can’t say that I’m shocked about this new turn of events.

    The military is one of the last frontiers that stands in the teacher’s unions way when it comes to what our children are taught, and how. Since we have more pull within the military school system than any parents within the public school system, closing this particular door was just a matter of time.

    The military is famous for looking out for its own, and trust me Congress knows this. The teacher’s unions resent the amount of control we parents have within our system and the homeschooling fronts. This will only make homeschooling parents even more creative, and it won’t force that many people to chose the school program. My oldest went through DODDs for 5 yrs. It’s not a bad program, but school is still school.

    This is just another way for a democratic congress to punish the military for not voting for them, or their “ideas”.

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