A Healing Touch: Real Life Accounts of the Power of Prayer

This fascinating and well written book was authored by a woman who spent years as a critical care nurse before pursuing her writing career. In “A Healing Touch”, Melanie Hemry lays out the ways in which she sees the modern church as a hospital and we, as followers of Christ, the staff who must meet the needs of the wounded and dying. Each chapter tells in gripping detail a story from her nursing past and then ties it in with a Biblical principle. At the end of each chapter there is a practical application for the reader and a beautifully written prayer to invite God to lead us to a better understanding of our responsibilities in this hospital for the soul. In one of the final chapters she writes

“It is possible for you to live in an uncertain world with the certainty that your life on earth makes a difference. All of heaven is poised to hear your voice. What nation of the world has God placed on your heart? Are you willing to watch over that nation in prayer?” I was very moved by her perception that God gives each of us a nation as our own “patient” to watch over, to stand guard over, to pray and rejoice and mourn over. I had never read that concept anywhere else and the imagery was very effective!

But perhaps just as fascinating to me is the fact that Ms. Hemry is an intercessor. Rarely does one get a glimpse into the day by day experiences of these closet warriors. But the author invites us to share her intimate conversations with God, her very real doubts and struggles and does so with a refreshing honesty. I highly recommend this book for both individuals and small groups.

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