Snip, Snapp, Snurr

This series starring three little Swedish brothers first debuted in the 1930’s (along with Flicka, Ricka, Dicka a similar series by the same author geared towards girls). The bright and cheery illustrations and the wholesome content make these books an excellent pick for beginner readers. The boys are cute as a button, and just as sweet to boot. In The Yellow Sled, the boys work for weeks to earn themselves a cool 3-man sled, complete with a steering wheel. Another little boy is eyeing the sled from the store window, crying because he really wants it too but his parent’s can’t afford it. The golden boys do something very noble – they bless the tot with the sled and start back from scratch to earn another one. Gotta love them!

The simple adventures of Snip, Snapp and Snurr (along with their strange names) will capture a child’s attention for certain.

Here’s a list of their books:
Flicka-Ricka-Dicka Series
Snipp-Snapp-Snurr Series

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