The Most Important Person on Earth

The Most Important Person on Earth is a book about the Holy Spirit unlike any I have ever read. Growing up as a Pentecostal, the working and gifts of the Holy Spirit were emphasized in every service and I was never surprised when someone stood up to prophesy or speak a word of wisdom or burst out in a message in tongues. In fact it was seen very much as the sign of a successful meeting! At the age of twelve, quite unexpectedly one Sunday in church, I opened my mouth to praise God and found that I was speaking in an unknown language. I had not asked for this gift, it just began to flow naturally. Yet the Holy Spirit was more like a feeling to me, like a chill that ran down my spine or a deep stirring of adoration. I knew that the Holy Spirit was part of the Trinity but did not see Him as a person, certainly never in the way Dr. Munroe does in the chapters of this fascinating book.

The premise is that the earth is like a colony of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Holy Spirit is the Governor who oversees the ruling from His position among us. Dr. Munroe, who grew up in the Bahamas while it was still a colony of Britain, takes great pains (almost to the point of belaboring) to give many examples of what life was like in that situation and then begins to draw from that a picture of the Holy Spirit that it unique and thought provoking. As the book progresses however, it becomes evident that the reader must fully grasp the kingdom/colony analogy in order to enter into the amazing revelation that Dr. Munroe has received. The final two chapters where he explores the gifts of the Spirit, and especially his full examination of tongues as our “original language of prayer”, will really challenge the reader to think through a subject not often discussed in our modern churches.

The proof of a God-inspired book is the way that its words linger in your spirit long after the last page is read. “The Most Important Person on Earth” is just that kind of book. Whether you are a charismatic believer who already actively exhibits the gifts of the Holy Spirit or someone who would like to understand more about that branch of Christ’s church, this book is well worth the investment.

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