Through Every Storm

“Through Every Storm” is a Christian romance novel that I will have to review on two levels. One based on the story itself and one based on the writing style of the author.

The actual story line is interesting and one to which many people can relate. Jeff and Maddie Bowman are not only struggling to deal with the tragic death of their young child but also with the disintegration of their marriage. Throughout the book both come to the conclusion that only God holds the answer to the tangle of emotions that they must now deal with on a daily basis. The author is able to keep your attention by including a few twists in the plot and the story holds together well to the end.

However (and this is a big however) if you require good writing skills to go with your interesting story line you may want to consider giving this book a skip. The author uses far too many adjectives and a great many of them are awkward and ill placed, giving one the impression that she wrote this story with a thesaurus in one hand. The large number of mixed metaphors was off putting and I must admit the only thing that kept me reading to the end was my ever- increasing amazement at her unusual choice of words.

Perhaps Ms. Maclaren will receive enough honest reviews so that she will find the need to examine her writing style and improve it in the future. Her imagination and ideas are not at fault. And that is half the battle.

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