What Really Happened in Ancient Times: A Collection of Historical Biographies

In this collection of historical biographies, the seven contributing authors* have blended facts with fiction to highlight six remarkable individuals from our ancient world. They include Eve, Noah, Cyrus the Great, and at least one guy I’ve never heard of before -Gilgamesh. Each story is inspiring, focusing on the re-telling of great deeds, acts of faith, and rousing accomplishments, and all include illustrations and maps by Knowledge Quest. The tales, based on actual recorded historic events, are skillfully decorated with tidbits of speculated daily life and period details.

I love the idea of teaching through stories. Using What really happened in your study of ancient times could liven-up what some kids might otherwise consider a boring subject. I bet this book makes you hungry for some “Molokhia soup“,

(Noah’s favorite), and compels you to dig even deeper into ancient history.

*I thought it was noteworthy that the array of authors include 2 home schooled girls – “Eve” was co-written by Terri Johnson’s 12 year old daughter, and Jennaya Rose Dunlap, now graduated, wrote the story of “Imhotep” when she was 16.

The book will be available at both CBD and Amazon in the near future, and currently can be found at Knowledge Quest’s website.

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